What Is Rob And Chyna Custody Agreement

What happened when Kardashian Chyna paid such a juicy amount every month? Keep reading about why he hasn`t been forced to pay his ex for over a year. The insider added: “Khloe will do everything in his power to help Rob get custody. She thinks that`s the best thing about Dream. When the court rejected Kardashian`s custody request, Chyna shared a video on Instagram dancing with Dream and her son King Cairo, accompanied by a powerful message. According to TMZ a few days ago, sources close to the reality star claim that she is a “good mother who would never put her child in danger, despite what Rob says.” With my two fathers, we have a mutual agreement and everything is going well,” she said. Sources close to the couple told the publication that they share custody of Dream 50/50 between them and that Rob Blac Chyna no longer pays child help. Since then, Chyna and Kardashian continue to share shared custody of their daughter. In the original complaint, Rob asked to reduce her agreement by 50/50 with Black Chyna – and updated the agreement that she should only have her daughter on weekends with supervised help. It was a shock to the fans, given that both publicly praised the co-parents. After finally resigning in February 2017, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna fought a fierce battle for custody of their little girl, Dream. As soon as they finally got a custody agreement, it was engraved in stone that the reality star would pay for the family allowance model, which costs $20,000 a month.

Kardashian, 32, reportedly applied for Primary Custody of Dream in January, claiming in a sealed court case that Chyna (née Angela Renée White) was “out of control.” As early as February, after The Kardashian Primary Custody application for Dream was rejected, Chyna`s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, told ET that her client was receiving “no support for Rob`s Child.” A Los Angeles judge has rejected Kardashian`s ex-Party`s request for primary custody of her daughter, Dream Kardashian, according to court documents received by The Blast. In January, the 32-year-old former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star filed an emergency request that would allow chyna, 31, to see her 3-year-old daughter only during weekend visits with someone present. He claimed that his ex`s alleged drug use had put Dream at risk. “Chyna will not withdraw from Rob and his family`s attempt to take his agreed custody for Dream,” he added. “She will continue to take all necessary steps to protect her children, including the defeat of Rob and her family`s recent attempt to undermine Chyna`s joy as a dream mother and her ability to make a living as a single mother — without the support of Rob`s child.” In court documents filed in January 2020, Kardashian sought primary custody of Dream after accusing Chyna of parental neglect and drug abuse. What`s really amazing… Rob was paying Chyna 20k a month and now he`s not going to pay anything. Our sources tell us that the agreement stipulates that every parent will pay for Dream`s needs only if they are with them… and things like medical expenses and school will be distributed in the middle. The couple has been in place since the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star since posting a series of explicit photos of the 29-year-old model, accusing them of cheating on him, but it seems they`re interested in maintaining a friendly relationship when it comes to the nine-month-old dream, since they`ve almost agreed to a custody deal.

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