What Is A Legal Services Agreement

6.5. The legal relationship resulting from this contract is governed by Estonian national law. The parties will attempt to resolve any dispute through negotiation. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the disputes will be settled by the Harju District Court. These general terms and conditions for the provision of legal services form an integral part of the contract with the client (contract with the client) concluded by and between Advokaadibüroo TRINITI OÜ (law firm) and the client (client) and apply to the provision of legal services by the firm, unless otherwise agreed. In the event of any differences between the General Terms and Conditions and the contract with the Customer, the contract with the Customer shall prevail. A legal services contract allows you to document the terms of the service the lawyer provides to the client. Its basic elements are: the identification of the two parties, a description of the agreed services, the conditions of remuneration and the laws of the State that govern the agreement. Because legal services can often be complex, a legal services contract can be a great way to specify exactly what the lawyer and client expect before proceeding. Other names for this document: Legal Terms of Use, Legal Services Agreement 4.1.

The confidentiality of the communication with the client at the law firm office is guaranteed by law and the law firm will maintain the confidentiality of the request for legal services, the content of the legal assistance and the amount of the fees. 5.4. The Law Firm is entitled to withhold the Client`s documents until the fees of the Legal Department and the costs associated with the provision of the Service have been reimbursed. 1.4. The law firm ensures the quality of the legal service provided to the client and is liable for direct financial damage suffered by the client due to intent or gross negligence in the performance of the contract for legal services. 3.5. The Customer will reimburse the Company for the justified and necessary costs related to the execution of the Order. .

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