Teachers Pay Agreement Scotland

The salary cut proposed by the Scottish government provides for a demoted 3% pay rise from April 2018, a 7% increase in April 2019 and a permanent 3% increase from April 2020. This corresponds to an average overall increase of 13.5% compared to the three-year agreement. Negotiations over teachers` salary demands are “stalled after the Scottish government and COSLA today refused to consider improving their previous offer”. Gail Macgregor, President of SNCT`s employers` side, said: “I am pleased that we have agreed today on a three-year remuneration for teachers. Building on the stability this agreement offers, we will work with our SNCT colleagues to address some of the other issues raised in the negotiations, while continuing to put children and young people at the centre of Scottish education.¬†Negotiators from the teaching side of the Scottish Negotiation Committee for Teachers (SNCT) today (Tuesday 27 March 2018) rejected a 2%/3% salary offer from local authorities to Scottish teachers. The offer was presented by SNCT employers at a meeting of the SNCT Extended Joint Chairs Group. Teachers had submitted a 10% salary to teachers in all classes. In this context, NASUWT requested that further steps be taken by the government and employers to emphasize the improvement of supply, as it is important to recognize the step in the right direction represented by the supply of newly qualified new teachers, but also to recognize that the supply for the majority of teachers was below NASUWT`s expectations. The overall supply would not address growing concerns about teacher care and, for the many teachers struggling under the weight of excessive workload and deteriorating working conditions, this would be seen as a failure on the part of employers and the government to appreciate their commitment and contribution. NASUWT will continue to keep members informed of any developments regarding the 2018/2019 teachers` salary bonus. Voice met on Tuesday, January 8, with the other teachers` unions and rejected COSLA`s recent offer for teachers` remuneration. The teaching party also decided to formally retain a “failure of the non-agreement”. “The campaign has been a huge success and has now received an improved proposal that will increase teachers` salaries by at least 10% by April compared to current pay scales.

Our members supported this proposal by an overwhelming majority, so the IST will now formally conclude an agreement. “Teachers continue to work towards SNCT negotiations, hoping to reach a fair deal for Scottish teachers. Further discussions are planned on snct after the spring break. Teachers clearly expect that the Scottish Government, which is involved in the negotiations, will be required to take a position on the ongoing discussions and play an active role in reaching an agreement.¬†“The formal agreement of this agreement will bring about the fair increase that teachers deserve and I am pleased that all parties have reached a consensus,” said John Swinney, Assistant Premier and Minister of Education. On 6 September 2018, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Local Authorities Convention (COSLA), which represent employers, presented a salary offer to NASUWT and other teachers` unions. The salary offer provides that the Scottish Negotiation Committee for Teachers (SNCT) has formally agreed on a three-year salary agreement (2018-2021) for Scottish teachers. “I am ready to increase the financing of the restructuring of the salary brackets from 3% in January 2019 to 4% from April 2019. This would mean that teachers would receive a salary increase of at least 10% between January 2018 and next month and a further increase of 3% from April 2020, before taking into account the evolution of salaries. .

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