Scsu Housing Agreement

The process of applying for and approving a consortium agreement depends on whether you are working courses at another Minnesota state school or taking courses at the school that is not part of the Minnesota state system. CSU President Robbyn Wacker and the counties have signed an agreement in principle, but they are still working on a final contract. Any student applying for accommodation for the fall semester (by paying a non-refundable housing deposit and applying for housing or participating in the room contest) has until June 30 to cancel their application to release the housing of the university year housing contract. If you wish to cancel the accommodation and opt out of university, the policy of reimbursement of the housing allowance reflects the policy of reimbursement of tuition fees at the university. For more information, see the chart below. Please consult policies and policies and choose the consortium agreement for additional information and access the corresponding form. Notification is required to conclude the agreement of the MN State Consortium. Please note that the deposit is not refundable. The annual housing contract is a housing contract for the entire academic year that cannot be terminated for an off-campus stay.

Although you don`t have to live here, you are financially responsible for the cost of accommodation and the meal plan for both semesters. Please note that the following reasons are considered for terminating the housing contract: withdrawal from university, reduction to less than 6 credits, study abroad, student education or a university internship that eliminates the need for housing on campus. In extreme cases, the Committee will address important unforeseen financial issues and medical reasons. Please note that the university has extended the removal of housing from June 30 to July 31 to accommodate students with changes in class arrangements (reporting to online classes) or other concerns regarding COVID-19. As a result, for these reasons alone, we are no longer able to terminate housing contracts. Our department routinely monitors CDC, state and municipal government guidelines to ensure that the best security measures are available to all of our students. Students who occupy their rooms for any period prior to cancellation will be charged in proportion to accommodation and meal costs until the date of check-out and return of keys. She says it`s up to the counties to decide how to use the space, but it`s very likely that the rooms will be reserved for low-income families, youth and the homeless who need housing when they need to be isolated. I understand that their intention is to use space for quarantine or isolation if someone or a group starts showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19. In any case, if you opt for a cancellation application form, you must provide a supporting document demonstrating the reflection of your mitigating circumstances.

Forms are not submitted to the committee without explanation or documentation. Please note that filing a cancellation request does not guarantee authorization. If you feel you are meeting the cancellation requirements, please email our Super office and says that North Benton Hall has 45 rooms and Sherburne Hall has 200 to 250 rooms.

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