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During Mark Cohon`s final year as Commissioner, he negotiated a new five-year collective agreement (2014 to 2018) between the CFL and the Canadian Football League Players` Association (CFLPA). [22] Mike Mitchell, an employee of Fanided, reported on the XFL Markcast podcast that the deal would detail an umbrella company. The two companies would operate independently of each other, but would fall under the same ownership and could participate in sponsorship agreements. The defunct America One network held the rights to broadcast the CFL in the United States from 2001 to 2009 and broadcast much of the league`s games. [121] Until the 2007 season, America One combined CFL games with regional sports networks such as Altitude, NESN and MASN; These were dropped in 2008, mainly because America One and the CFL were able to reach an agreement just days before the start of the season, without the network having had time to reach agreements with individual NSRs. The Grey Cup aired on Versus on November 22, 2008, with a rerun the next day on America One. From 2006 to the 2008 season, Friday Night Football in the United States aired exclusively on World Sport HD; However, due to the closure of the station`s parent company, Voom HD Networks, in January 2009, America One regained these rights. In 1956, the IRFU and WIFU formed a new umbrella organization, the Canadian Football Council (CFC). In 1958, the CFC left the CRU and reorganized into the Canadian Football League. As part of an agreement between the CRU and the CFL, the CFL took over the Grey Cup and fans were officially excluded from the Grey Cup. However, the Grey Cup has been the de facto professional championship since 1954.

The CRU remained the governing body for fans in Canada and eventually adopted the name Football Canada. Initially, the two associations remained autonomous and there were no intersectional matches between the Eastern (IRFU) and Western (WIFU) teams, with the exception of the Grey Cup Final. This situation was similar to how Major League Baseball operated for years and how the AFL and NFL operated in the 1960s before they merged in 1970. With Mark Cohon as commissioner of the league, the CFL entered a period of stability and growth. New television contracts, two new collective agreements, the celebration of the 100th Grey Cup and the extensive renovation and reconstruction of stadiums marked this era. The 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup saw the highest television ratings for a championship game in Canada, England. [11] This pact would allow CFL players to sign with NFL teams during the option years of their contract. In turn, the NFL would help the CFL maintain its financial stability. The five-year agreement between the two was extended from 2004 to 2006. Toronto Argonauts president Jeff Giles, who was president of the CFL when the deal was negotiated, said yesterday that the intention of the deal was for NFL clubs to sign only the players they wanted to use immediately. Canadian Football League Commissioner Michael Lysko plans to ask the National Football League to review some aspects of the agreement between the two leagues during his visit to New York later this month.

In late July 2012, NBC Sports Network acquired the rights to the CFL for the remainder of the 2012 season. NBCSN`s agreement included nine regular season games starting Aug. 27 (including the classic Labor Day games) and all playoffs. [127] NBC Sports has extended its agreement with the CFL for the 2013 season. [128] The CFL began imposing a salary cap of $4.05 million per team for the 2007 season. The cap was increased to $4.2 million during the 2008 season and remained at that level in 2009. [133] On June 29, 2010, a new collective agreement was ratified that increased the salary cap for the 2010 CFL season to $4.25 million and would increase by $50,000 each season by 2013. [134] In 2014, a new CBA was ratified and the salary cap was increased to $5 million per team, increasing by $50,000 each year until 2018. [135] Financial penalties for teams that violate the cap are set at $1 to $1 for the first $100,000, $2 to $1 for $100,000 to $300,000, and $3 to $1 for $300,000 or more. Penalties could also include lost draft picks. [136] For 2010, the team`s minimum wage was set at $3.9 million, while the players` minimum wage was set at $42,000.

[134] With the new CBA in 2014, the salary floor was increased to $4.4 million per team with increases of $50,000 per year, and the minimum wage was increased to $50,000 per year. [135] The average salary per player in 2014 was C$96,000. [137] A starting quarterback in the CFL can earn up to C$500,000. [138] In 2018, the average salary in the CFL was $113,043 and the salary cap was $5.2 million. Mike Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchell are the highest-paid players in the CFL after signing contracts in February 2018 for nearly $3 million each over 4 years. [139] Players called Global Players (see player designations) receive the minimum league level under the rule and may have a portion of their salary returned to their home league through a partnership with the CFL. [140] But Lysko, who helped develop the parameters of the deal for NFL International while working as a consultant, still believes the deal does far more good than harm. In 1997, the NFL provided a $3 million interest-free loan to the cash-strapped CFL.

In return, the NFL had access to CFL players who entered a set two-month window into the option year of their contract. .

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