Lack Of Agreement Among Scorers

The concordance observed in the current study corresponds to the concordance observed in the initial study [18]. It is not possible to compare retest reliability (CCI) with the initial study, as another type of CCI was used. Compliance limits = mean difference observed ± 1.96 standard deviation × of the observed differences. The use of drugs has shown considerable reliability of repetitive tests and adequate suitability. This element can be used at the group level. In contrast, the use of pain-specific drugs has achieved poor reliability and concordance in repetitive trials, and this point cannot be used at the group level and needs to be refined. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, we were unable to assess the dosage, frequency and name of the painkillers consumed. ICC provides an estimate of the total concordance between these measured values. It somewhat resembles “analysis of variance” because it considers variances between pairs expressed as a percentage of the overall variance of observations (i.e., the overall variability in “2n” observations that is expected to be the sum of variances within and between). The CCI can accept a value from 0 to 1, with 0 showing no agreement and 1 a perfect agreement. Work status and the number of working hours per week achieved high scores in terms of reliability, consistency and responsiveness of the repetition tests. These items can be used at the group and individual levels as well as for evaluation purposes.

Long-term disease has achieved sufficient reliability and consistency in repetitive trials and can be used at group level. .

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