Joint Bid Agreement Sample

Are you and another entrepreneur coming together and offering a common project as a general contractor? You can use a Bid Agreement joint to write this partnership in writing. It is a legal document that is completed by two or more contractors who apply together for the realization of a particular construction project. A joint bid agreement can be useful for a contractor specializing in a skillset and willing to work with another specialist to finalize a project. This Agreement (this Agreement) confirms and defines, inter alia, the terms of an agreement between the Parties with respect to the intended implementation of a Joint Offer (the “Joint Offer”, the key conditions of which will be set out in the common tender documentation) for all of the issued and to be allocated share capital of the target entity. This joint Bidding Agreement (this “Agreement”) of June 29, 28, 2007, at>T Inc. (“AT&T”) and Dobson Communications Corporation (“Dobson”) set out the procedures by which AT&T and Dobson jointly propose, at the 700 MHz spectrum auction, that the Federal Communications Commission (the “Commission” or the FCC) must legally commence no later than January 28, 2008 (the “Auction”). CONSIDERING that GSPC, GGR and ENPRO (Bidding Group) have expressed their interest in jointly proposing an offer for Block-OSN-OSN-2001/3 (Block No. 10) proposed by the Government of India under the New Exploration Licensing Policy – Third Round (NELP-III) under the terms set out in that agreement. The January 9, 2018 Bidding Agreement joint agreement is entered into and finalized by and between (i) Trident Pine Acquisition LP (“SPC”) and (ii) Barry D. Zyskind (“BZ”), George Karfunkel and Leah Karfunkel (including BZ), a “Shareholder” and jointly the “Shareholders”).

Each of the above parties is hereinafter referred to as “party” and collectively “party”. This joint BIDDING AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) of October 19, 2012 is entered into by and between Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC (“Ocwen”) and Walter Investment Management Corporation (Walter). . . .

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