Energex Enterprise Agreement

16 PART 4 EMPLOI RELATIONSHIP 4.1 Type of Employment Energieex Union Collective Agreement 2011 Workers covered by this agreement are informed in writing of their job category at the time of the order. Under these provisions, ENERGEX can offer the following types of jobs: full-time; Part-time; and casual. For full-time or part-time workers, employment plans are: temporary duration; and the task indicated. Temporary and defined employment plans are included in the employment plan clause mentioned above should be taken into account prior to hiring. Consultations will be held with stakeholders when it is proposed that the labour rights be used for a period of more than three months. Full-time workers are employed for the normal working time per week or according to the alternative employment schemes available under this agreement. Is used for fewer hours per week; Has reasonably foreseeable hours of work and enjoys a salary and conditions equivalent to the pro-rata of full-time workers covered by this agreement. At the time of appointment, ENERGEX and the staff member agree in writing on the way of work, including the number of regular hours per week, the days on which the work is to be done, and the usual daily start and end schedules. These initial agreements may be amended later by mutual agreement between the worker and ENERGEX. Any changes in the type of work are carried out in accordance with the methods of changing the normal working time for full-time workers. The agreed number of normal weekly hours is not variable without the employee`s consent. Such an agreed change in the number of hours worked per week is recorded in writing. ENERGEX requires part-time work to work at least 3 consecutive hours each day to work and 15 hours per week, a maximum of 32.2 hours per week.

All times spent outside the distribution of normal hours and total working time beyond mutually agreed working time are overtime and are paid at the rates of this agreement. If a public holiday falls on a day when a worker is working normally, the worker receives the appropriate rate for the number of hours usually worked that day. If a worker and ENERGEX agree in writing, a part-time job can be converted to full-time and vice versa. If such a worker moves from full-time to part-time (or vice versa), all legal agreements and rights run are maintained.

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