Clean Sky Grant Agreement

CS2 GAP WebEx Financial Grants (December 11-17, 2019) For legal questions, please contact Bruno Mastantuono, Clean Sky Legal – Strategic Advisor: . Clean Sky 2 final budget 2015 and budget 2016-2017 . Financial Issues Guide for Clean Sky GAPs – May 2012 The public-private “Clean Sky” partnership was created at the beginning of the 7th Framework Programme as a Joint Technology Initiative (ITC) and will continue from 2014 to 2024 as Clean Sky 2. The aim of this ITC is to promote the competitiveness of the European aviation industry as well as the reduction of the impact on the environment. Merger of data for several sources and analysis with AI techniques In recent weeks, the activities developed as part of the PASSARO project have been highlighted at several conferences across Europe. The ISQ and INEGI were in Ponte de Sr (Portugal) on 30 May, 17-19 June on the French Riviera and 5 July in Vigo(Spain). Executive Director`s Decision No. 130 – GAM Implementation Rules regarding outsourcing with related companies (October 2014) ADMITTED Cluster was set up in cascina Costa data… Change Coordinator Information, Financial Reporting and Payment Workshop for CS1 Associates and Leaders (January 22, 2016) . Decision No. 3 DE HAF Interpretation of art. II.18 cs GA for calculating the joint venture contribution (May 2013) On February 4, the 7th PASSARO consortium meeting was held at Caetano Aeronautic, at which all partners presented the progress of the project.

CS2 typically makes several new calls a year. All documents and information necessary to participate in the appeal are available on the European Commission participants` portal and on the CS 2 JU website. Workshop for Partners on the Reporting Process (March 2014) CSJU Code of Conduct for the Prevention and Mitigation of Conflicts of Interest Clean Sky Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (Brussels, May 2013) JTI is implemented by the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CS JU), created as a legal entity in Brussels. The members of this public-private partnership are the European Community, represented by the European Commission, and the European aviation industry . . . . . Subcontracting Guidelines for Members and Partners – Clean Sky 2 of October 2013 follows the 2020 targets of the European technology platform ACARE (ACARE- Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe), such as a 50% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per passenger, a 80% reduction in NOx emissions and 50% increased noise. At the same time, considerable progress will be made in reducing the environmental impact of aircraft production, maintenance and disposal and related products. Commission Decision 2011-174 on Simplification Measures (24 January 2011) Flight tests are an important step in the development of an aircraft to validate the project.

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