Camping World Service Agreement

3 Years Extended Warranty Terms Protection Plan Terms Your receipt and plan details are proof of the right to the plan of protection Your benefits of plan You are entitled to our UK-based customer service line on (44) 01252 316 649, to get help if your equipment is defective or not working If your equipment is defective or defective and our customer service team is unable to resolve the problem, we will decide, at our discretion, whether a repair should be authorized, then pay for the parts and the cost of the repair, or can replace or pay the replacement fee for your equipment. , subject to the conditions set out in General Conditions 1. There is no limit to the number of repairs to your devices that can be approved for the duration of your plan 2. The repair work approved by us is only carried out during the normal working hours of our workshops, which are usually Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and can last up to 3 weeks for 3 weeks. You must be able to bring your equipment back to the store or, in case of online orders, pack your equipment safely for the transport of mail, and you will be responsible for the damage caused by insufficient packaging 4. Requests for repairs to devices are only considered if the equipment is no longer covered by the warranty of a supplier, manufacturer or repairer.5 You must use your device according to the manufacturer`s instructions and not change it 6. Your equipment must not be lost, stolen, abused, neglected, improperly installed, malicious or fire-in-fire damage, explosion, floods, lightning, storms, frosts or other bad weather, rust, mildew, corrosion or water 6. Your device should not be recalled to us, supplier or manufacturer 7. Your equipment must be used in a domestic environment. Devices used in a non-domestic or commercial environment must be subject to our prior written consent or the warranty is deemed invalid.8 Your equipment must be repaired in the UK, unless we agree to anything else in writing, and all collections and deliveries must be made at an address in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium or Denmark.

We can extend this policy to other countries if agreed in writing in advance. 9. You are responsible for repair costs if there is no error on the equipment or as long as it requires routine maintenance, cleaning, maintenance, cosmetic repairs (e.g.B. damage to headales, bumps or scratches), or if there are problems with power supply, gas or water. 10. Payment is not allowed for costs resulting from the non-use of your devices (for example. B fees for lost locations) or for other losses or damages that are not included in your plan resulting from the failure of your equipment 11. If you need benefits from this policy, there is another service contract or insurance policy under which you are entitled, we can only pay a reasonable share of 12. We advise you to maintain your equipment with suitable products and to take out comprehensive insurance against situations outside this extended 13 warranty. Poland: If a repair of the tent is approved, we are committed to providing you with the necessary spare parts to make a simple repair. To avoid any doubt, a fiberglass mast is usually a single polishing segment of the desired size and appearance, as well as a polar correction kit.

For steel/alloy bars, we generally need a proefessional repair. You get full instructions on how to perform the repair. 14. Air bubbles: For modern tents with bubble and valve air bars, we can provide the right spare part for a simple home repair or, if possible, an air bubble repair kit.

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