Air Carriage Agreement

(c) goods that the carrier cannot reasonably carry because of their weight, size, configuration or fragile or perishable nature (particularly given the type of aircraft used). Information about these items may be made available to passengers upon request; From the beginning, you can see that there is no easy place to find the transport contract. You can simply search for it in the search bar or search for “legal” because the transport contract is a legally binding contract. “Legal” is located at JetBlues: 5.4.1. Involuntary refund is made within one year of the date the traffic document was issued if transportation has not commenced. Once the transport has begun, the refund is made within one year of the start of the transport. 5.5.1. Where the airline has terminated a passenger`s air travel after violating the rules of conduct on board the aircraft that endanger the aviation safety of the aircraft or threaten the life or health of others; or the passenger does not follow the captain`s instructions, the transport costs are not reimbursed to the passenger. d) If the passenger changes his or her trip without the airline`s consent, the airline calculates the new fare for this change. The passenger must then pay the difference between the fare of the trip originally purchased and the fare of the new trip.

If the new fare is less than the old fare, the airline refunds the difference, but in all cases the old passenger coupons are no longer valuable. A transport contract is a contract between a freight or passenger carrier and the sender, recipient or passenger. Transportation contracts generally define the rights, obligations and obligations of parties that deal with matters such as the acts of God and which contain clauses such as force majeure. Among regular airlines, they are generally occupied by standard conditions printed on the back of a ticket or transport document. Notification of the arrival of a shipment is usually sent to the “notification party” whose address appears on the shipping document. This part is usually either the buyer or importer. Airline transport contracts are not just for the most experienced travellers or lawyers – they are for all of us. If you buy airline tickets, you need to know how to read an airline`s transportation contract. If you plan to fly anywhere in the future, you should know how to navigate an airline`s transportation contract. These are your rights – and until airlines can transparently extend these rights to passengers, it is up to us to be aware of that. The airline may agree to transport passenger pets under the following conditions:a) dogs, cats, birds and other pets must be comfortably housed in a summary container and equipped with valid documents, such as health and vaccination certificates and entry or transit permits. Depending on the destination, the transport of pets may be subject to conditions that the passenger may receive from the airline; c) If, after the start of the journey, the passenger cannot continue his journey during the validity of the ticket for health reasons, the passenger may, after receiving the corresponding medical certificate, extend the validity of the ticket until the date of the resumption of the passenger`s journey or until the date of the first available flight after a declaration of fitness.

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