Agreement Schedule En Francais

The completion of the transaction, scheduled for early January 2021, is subject to approval by the competent competition authorities. See “APO scheduling agreement” in the SAP glossary (which is unfortunately only available in English and German): Wouldn`t there be a more precise equivalent for “Scheduling agreement Number”? “If you put the purchase plan in SAP R/3 and pass it to SAP APO, a transport relationship between the supplier and the factory has been established… However, “scheduling agreement” also seems to be used elsewhere. In this case, the full term is “Scheduling agreement Number”? From January 2022, Crédit Agricole Assurances and its subsidiaries will entrust all their ancillary activities in France to Europ Assistance, which will become the support partner of all Crédit Agricole insurance companies (Predica, Pacifica, CAMCA, La Médicale). The German equivalent indicated is Delivery Plan (“Delivery Schedule”). “We are convinced that the management of Europ Assistance France can make this partnership a success and develop activities in all market segments. Support services evolve and adapt to customer expectations by developing new services, both to deal with emergency situations and on demand. The know-how and quality of its services make Europ Assistance France an ideal partner to achieve crédit Agricole Group`s customer service and customer relationship objectives. We will remain very committed to ensuring that this partnership continues over the long term in order to serve clients outside the Crédit Agricole Group,” said Thierry Langreney, Deputy CEO of Crédit Agricole Assurances and CEO of Pacifica. This is a way of referencing contracts. Root contract / Section number that corresponds to the delivery number. Thanks to this partnership between the leading French banking insurer and one of the world`s leading Assistance Providers, Europ Assistance France wishes to strengthen its position as a reference assistance services company in France in terms of customer experience, quality of service and innovation at the service of all its partner customers and individuals. For Crédit Agricole Assurances, the objective is to expand the range of services. The support services are perfectly in line with crédit Agricole Group`s objective of taking care of its customers at every moment of their lives.

This is the French equivalent that appears for “Scheduling Agreement” in several SAP didactic documents that I found on the Internet. See, for example: Crédit Agricole Assurances and Europ Assistance have signed a partnership which, in January 2021, will lead Crédit Agricole Assurances` non-life subsidiaries, Pacifica, to take a 50% stake in the capital of Europ Assistance France, the main service company that will unravel Europ Assistance`s expertise and resources on the French market. “Purchase Order Number” (referenced on an invoice) is usually “purchase order number”. Antoine Parisi, Chief Executive Officer of Europ Assistance, said: “Crédit Agricole Assurances is well known for the importance it attaches to quality of service. The fact that he has chosen Europ Assistance to serve his customers in their moments of distress is an important sign of confidence in Europ Assistance employees, who have made quality of service their priority. This partnership between our two groups also reflects our shared values, which focus on caring for people. On the occasion of this partnership, Crédit Agricole Assurances and Europ Assistance confirm that Europ Assistance France`s priority strategy will be to serve existing and future external customers with the degree of excellence that has always been part of its DNA. Search results: 45898. Exact: 2. Lost time: 729 ms. TCTerms is here to find answers to questions.. . .

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