Agreement As To Annual Income (F9)

Use this form if the two parties agree on the income of the party who pays family allowances. This form is easier to fill out than a financial statement (form F8) and you don`t need to swear or confirm the content. Use this form if you have filed a Notice on Family Claims (F3) and would like to apply for an injunction or change an order. You can also use this form to force a higher order or agreement or to cancel a contract. It determines the type of order you want, what evidence you will use, what is the legal basis of the order and how long you think the hearing will last. Use this requirement to accompany an agreement that you submit when registering with the Supreme Court. Submit your approval to the Supreme Court if you must use this requirement (F17.1). Note of intention to call a negative party as a witness (form F49) Currently, forms are not compatible with Apple products, including Mac computers, iPads, etc. If you`re using a Mac computer, you can download the document you want and follow the computer`s configuration instructions. Section 51 – Approval of the Child Protection Certificate Verification (Form 5 – Regulations) MyLawBC can help you solve your family law issues.

Use this form to describe your case and submit it to registration at least 7 days before your Trial Management Conference at the Supreme Court. For more information on how to use this form, see Stage 3 of Schedule and prepare for your Supreme Court trial. Requirement for consent or order without notice (form F29) . This form allows you to describe the financial arrangements that have been made for the children if you are seeking an exclusive divorce or undisputed spouse or if you receive a final approval decision, if all issues are resolved and you do not need a divorce. . Enter this form at least 14 days (but not more than 28) days before the start of the review in the court registry to indicate that you are ready to start the trial, all investigations are completed for discovery, how long you appreciate the review and that the trial management conference has taken place. More information about using this form in Schedule Stage 9 and the preparation of the Trial at the Supreme Court is available. Tip: All five times are in the PDF form, but don`t show up when the file is first opened. For them to appear, either: use this form to specify the details of what you are asking the court to order after a hearing (except for an amended order, an interim order or an order made without notice and without a hearing). Use it, for example, if you are making a joint or single application for a defenceless divorce. This form will be the final order for your divorce once it has been signed by the judge.

With this form, you can draw the details of what the judge must order if you apply for a fee cancellation because you cannot afford to pay court fees. If the judge/master decides to give the order you are asking for, he or she will sign the form and there will be a formal court order. This form allows you to officially plan your trial version. You can only submit this form if you have booked test dates, either at a Judicial Case Conference or with the trial coordinator in the court registry. You must submit the test and notify the other party within 30 days of booking your trial dates.

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