Agreement And Consensus Begin Forming

Utopian municipalities often use consensual decisions, for example the Christian Herrnhüter city 1741-1760, the production commune of Boimondeau in France 1941-1972 and Christiania, an autonomous district of Copenhagen (self-administered since 1971). 36The jury`s main focus was to maintain a balanced and neutral perspective, while agreeing on the principles governing the decision-making process, including how the meetings would be conducted. They tried to understand the perspectives of both sides during the five meetings and strove to preserve fairness by listening in a balanced way to the views of both sides. To ensure this process, the jury did not use the meeting room of the Regional Office or accept its support. The jury also did not receive any additional funding, but did its work out of its own pocket. Even when the construction of the food waste recycling plant was approved, most parties felt that the resolution and settlement process were fair and that citizens did not have many objections to the decision. This indicates that wider recognition of the impartiality or fairness of mediators will facilitate consensus-building. Before you start making a decision, you should ask yourself if consensus is the right process for that particular topic. For example, in an emergency, appointing temporary ladders or an emergency group may be the best way to proceed. Critics of consensus blocking often find that while the option is potentially effective for small groups of motivated or trained people with a sufficiently high degree of affinity, a number of potential gaps have been identified, including in this guide you will find a lot of information that will help you make decisions by consensus, including why you might use them, fundamentals, and the process. how to apply it to larger groups of people and ideas to deal with common problems.

We also have a brief consensus guide and our meeting moderation guide has plenty of tips for your consensus meetings to run smoothly. The consensus on the quäker[19] is supposed to be effective because it introduces a simple and proven structure that moves a group towards unity. The queker model should allow individual voices to be heard while providing a mechanism for managing disagreements. [5] [20] [21] Explore the ideas that people have developed in detail. It`s usually not a process of selecting one of the ideas to be advanced – the final decision may contain elements of different proposals or be something totally new! However, by evaluating concrete ideas, you will be able to learn more about the main concerns and differences of opinion. Many people have a hard time identifying their needs or realizing the assumptions they make in an abstract discussion – but we`ll rather notice it when someone puts forward an idea we don`t like! So it`s important to understand why people like an idea or not. A simple technique is explained below. Compare the values of consensus to those that dominate the world we live in. The Western system of voting for MPs presents itself as the highest form of democracy.

Yet it is precisely in the nations that cry out the most about the virtues of democracy that many people no longer even bother to vote; Whatever their choice, decisions are made by an elite of powerful politicians and businessmen whose interests are totally different from those they are supposed to represent. And these politicians don`t just make laws for us without consulting us – they have the support of the police, the prison system and the military to make sure we respect their laws. Being able to vote 20 times in our lives for an MP or other political representatives is a bad substitute for the fact that we have the power to make decisions ourselves that affect all aspects of our lives.

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