Acme Medical Billing Service Agreement

ADDENDUM TO THE SERVICE AGREEMENT FULL REFUND MANAGEMENT This Supplemental Service Agreement amends the terms of the Service Agreement between Acme Medical Billing LLC (“Acme”) and Dr. John Doe (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”). 7. It clearly defines the measures taken (monetary, legal, etc.) if you do not respect your service contract The e-book “Write A Kick Butt Contract for Your Medical Billing Service” is the only online or offline book that covers all aspects of simply creating medical billing contracts. This Service Agreement is an addition to the original agreement between the parties and may not be modified unless signed in writing by or on behalf of both parties. Separate price agingYou can also specify in your medical billing contract that you are not responsible for claims or billing issues that occurred prior to your contract date. Show yourself what a 3rd party service contract looks like for medical billing, so you can better understand how they are formulated, then. 9. Either party may terminate this billing medical service agreement at any time by giving the other party a written termination without (30) days` notice, with a statement or reason why termination is desired.

Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, the counterparty shall return to the covered entity any protected health information obtained by the covered entity or established, maintained or received by a counterparty on behalf of the covered entity [or, if approved by the covered entity], that it still maintains in any form. The counterpart of the medical billing must not keep copies of the protected health information. This Service Agreement is between Acme Medical Billing LLC, a “Healthcare Electronic Healthcare Management and Services Company”, hereinafter referred to as “ACME”, and _______, hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), a Healthcare Provider. 1. Distinguishes you from any other medical billing service that copies another person`s business contract/agreement!!! 1. Ab _______ _ The customer undertakes to provide ACME with all the information necessary to properly handle the customer`s complaints and to provide all such information. .

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